The voice 2 – Jesse Campbell vs. Anthony Evans

Watch this video!!!

I can’t believe I watched this video over 30 times today, i have never played a single song over and over again for more than 10 times on a PC yet alone a video, when there is so much to do on a PC. Guess what I still want to watch it.

There was a time when I was in awe with Jennifer Holliday’s voice singing with passion with all her heart on this video

I wish to find someone who sings with as much passion like her.  I believe I found it with these two.

An outstanding performance of two competitors!  They sing so good together! If this was not The Voice, you’ll never know they are in competition.

It’s kinda sad that Anthony has to leave the competition early.  I have no doubt of whatsoever that Jesse is a great singer,  It’s just i hate to see Anthony go so early in the competition, I would love to see him sing more songs during the competition but Jesse stole this competition with his b-b-b-b-baby.

But forget about The Voice, these two can form a group together and be very good at it.

kudos to Anthony and Jessie for giving us a great time in this competition.  I hope you two will perform together again.

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