Odesk HTML 4.01 test

I just took Odesk HTML 4.01 test just for the heck of it.

I really sucked at HTML and web page design in general,  I took a passion for learning while I was still working at NEC Telecom Software Phils. Inc.,  that was way back 2001.  I only get to learn the basics though,  I quit solely because I don’t the passion let alone the intuitiveness to create a good design.  Matrix was popular then,  So all my designs are primarily green over black.

To my surprise I was rated at within the top 85% of the takers.  That couldn’t be accurate,  I took the exam without review and armed with only the basics I learned way back 2001.  Take note, I only learned the basics.  There are advance questions I couldn’t even make sense of.

Apparently by doing an educated guess and eliminating things that I know are not right is enough to take me to the top 15% of the takers.  I think the choices lack the process of Item Analysis thereby making educated guesses enough for me to be at the top 15% of the ranking.

I do hope this will change soon, so that only those who truly know the answers will pass the test.

If you still don’t know what I am trying to say, It’s like this.

Its kind of unfair to the job providers (client) that they filter the contractors by passing an exam, only to pass those exam by educated guess.  On my part,  though I really sucked at HTML.  I rated higher at this exam than the other exams that I truly have knowledge on.

It may be good for contractors,  but it feels like robbing the clients of their resources,  waste of their time, and will likely cause  a failure to the project.

I do believe other contractors who passed, deserved recognition for passing, for a job well done, for getting high marks.   Ladies and gentleman, I do not fall into those categories.

Its kinda frustrating when you know you should have failed but you landed at the top 15% instead.

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