The Duct Tape Programmer

I bought the book “Coders at Work” at BookSale last year.

It’s a great book, a compilation of interviews by Peter Siebel with the great programmers of all time.  If you are in cebu and a close friend(One of those who used to slept at my grandma’s house), I would gladly lend you this book.

The first chapter is a very rewarding read, It features Jamie Zawinski.  Reading about him in the net lead me to a post by Joel Spolsky, a notable figure in the IT industry, with blog Joel On Software, he created Stack Overflow sometime 2008 together with Jeff Atwoood, also a notable figure in the IT industry with blog Coding Horror 

This is the post . It features what Joel called as “The Duct Tape Programmer”, He goes on with describing the qualities and skills required to become a duct tape programmer.

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