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I have always been fascinated by computers,  most often because of games.  I had my first game with Atari, then with Nintendo Famicom, the NES, the SNES, the SEGA, gameboy, playstation, then Personal Computers.

When my interest on computers back then was at it’s peak,  I began reading a lot, I took an introduction to computer programming course,  the next semester I shift program to become a Computer Science major.  Wasting a whole year in college was never a regret.  I’d still make the same choice if presented with similar opportunity.

The knowledge I gained through the program is my greatest treasure,  not only did it help me in my carreer,  It also helped me to be logical in almost anything that requires my decision making skills.

I earn a living primarily as a  Linux System Administrator, managing servers of varying degree from different companies.  Task varies from simple web application install like wordpress and joomla and as involved with optimization, security, and maintenance among others, I manage services including, but not limited to DCHP, mail, web, database, FTP, SSH, VPS with cpanel and DNS.

As a Linux System Administrator I am also frequently tasked with load-balancing and auto scaling of servers providing fault tolerant options to existing and new frameworks.

I am a master scraper,  I create scripts to harvest data from the web in whatever form they are and put it in a form they would want it to be like CSV, Tab-delimited, Excel, sql dump or insert directly into dbs.

I am also a relational DB administrator,  I can offer redundancy,  db parameter optimization, db security and query optimization.

I am also an Agile project manager, I have worked with chaos and provide order for the Companies IT infrastructure/team.

I am currently using Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and Shell Script for the different task I am involved with.

Connect with my facebook should you want to know me better.

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