Odesk HTML 4.01 test

I just took Odesk HTML 4.01 test just for the heck of it. I really sucked at HTML and web page design in general,  I took a passion for learning while I was still working at NEC Telecom Software Phils. Inc.,  that was way back 2001.  I only get to learn the basics though,  I […]

A Sincere Thanks with a Twist

I would like to thank all project managers who 1) Do not know who how to create QA processes in their organizations. 2) Disregard the importance of quality, in favor of scope, time, & costs. 3) Immediately gives a shabby, not well thought of immediate working solutions that will bite your organizations back in the […]

C++ or Java

When the only tool you have is a hammer every problem resembles a nail.  When the problem is about breaking things, most probably the hammers will be useful and gets the job done easily.  But some problems are better done using other tools, for example cleaning a toilet bowl? is it done better with a […]

Is Forex Trading for you?

Are you smart? Intuitive? fearless? Want some thrill flowing to your veins making a split second decision? If you answer yes to all of those question, then forex trading may just be the right job for you. You can invest your time in forex trading for as little as 10USD with no upper limits. Forex […]


I just read ubunchu today.  Its a japanese manga featuring 3 students from the system administration club.  These 3 young system administrators each have their own OS preferences.   One is a hardcore CLI linux user, another is a long time mac user, and of course the last one is a windows fan. The story […]